Waste Connection welcomes you!

In recent years, the possibilities for recycling and processing waste materials have increased greatly. With regard to this, it has not become easier even for the parties themselves working within this waste sector. As a result of very strict environmental legislation and the increase in recycling possibilities, many waste processing companies have no longer been able to see the wood for the trees.

A few years ago, Waste Connection seized upon this by specializing precisely in the area of the many processing possibilities and providing companies in the Netherlands and abroad with both input an output.

The specialists at Waste Connection have already been working for many years within the waste and recycling sector and the shareholders of Waste Connection are also active themselves in the exploitation of waste collection and processing. As a result of this, there is a great affinity with the sector.

Up to the present, the work area has consisted of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg, and the number of customers is approximately 50 companies which are active within the waste sector. Waste Connection ensures a continuous outlet by contracting outlet possibilities for short periods and longer periods. In practice, this means that Waste Connection has concluded contracts ranging from 1 to 17 years. Both Dutch and German energy producers such as Essent and RWE have concluded long-term contracts with Waste Connection.

The main areas which Waste Connection has concentrated on in recent years are: company waste, building and demolition waste, ferro, non-ferro, wood a/b/c, plastics, car tyres and gypsum. Meanwhile, due to the mediation of Waste Connection, a few hundred thousand tons have been processed into high-quality secondary fuels, building materials and semi-manufactured goods.

“Exchanging”is a much used term within the company. By charting supply and demand properly and optimizing transport, the added value is tremendous. Delivering a load of waste and then directly removing another load with the same lorry not only brings transport advantages for both parties, but also input and output. It goes without saying that the possibilities and the so-called “exchanging” also have very positive effects on the environment.

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